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Born from close to a decade’s experience, ZERON isn’t just software, it’s a revolution in Human Resources Management. We SWITCH ON the productivity, accountability, growth and efficiency in any company. Made in India, for the world, ZERON empowers your HR team to focus on what matters most: your people.

Through accountability, we foster professionalism, leading to efficiency and enhanced productivity. This, in turn, fuels growth for your business.

Our Workflow

Get the best HR Management Software in Zeron

Onboard with Ease

Say goodbye to paper trails. Onboard new hires efficiently with ZERON's intuitive interface. Manage eSignatures, populate employee databases and send company announcements - all within one seamless platform. This is the best HRM system for a smooth and welcoming onboarding experience.

Empower Workforce

ZERON empowers your employees by providing secure access to company policies and essential tools from any device. This centralised access makes them feel connected and informed, working outside or inside the office. Experience the difference that the best HR management software can make for your remote teams.

Gain Total Visibility:

Centralise your employee records with ZERON, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your entire workforce. Track performance and attendance and leave with ease, giving you the data-driven insights needed to make informed decisions. This level of visibility and control is what sets ZERON apart as the best HRM systems available.
Best HR Management Tools

ZERON's HR Management Tools empower your entire workforce


Elevate Your Client Relationships with ZERON

Streamline, Impress, Secure

ZERON isn't just HR software, it's your key to building stronger, more profitable client relationships. We empower you to manage every aspect seamlessly, from impressive proposals to secure contracts and timely payments.

Professional Proposals in Minutes

Forget tedious paperwork. Create and send captivating proposals in minutes with ZERON's intuitive HR management tools. Showcase your expertise and win clients over with ease. Impress from the start with ZERON's proposal formats, streamlining the process and showcasing your value proposition.

Frictionless Invoicing & Payments

Get paid faster with ZERON's seamless invoicing system. Send and receive invoices with ease, track payments in real time and eliminate late payments. Simplify financial transactions and boost cash flow with ZERON's invoicing tool, ensuring prompt payments and financial predictability.

Effortless Contract Management

Stay organised and in control with ZERON's best HRM systems. Track agreements, deadlines and key terms effortlessly. Enjoy peace of mind with a centralised platform for all your contracts. Eliminate manual tracking and ensure compliance with ZERON's contract management module, your one-stop shop for organised agreements.

Elevate Your Client Relationships with ZERON

Optimise Your Vendor Relationships with ZERON

Stay connected, track vital information and automate routine tasks, all within one intuitive HR management platform

Always Connected and Informed

Access vital vendor contact information instantly with ZERON's comprehensive database as a part of our HR management tools.

Effortless Inventory Visibility

Maintain optimal inventory levels and manage orders efficiently with ZERON's best HRM systems. Gain real-time insights and avoid stockouts or overstocking.

Expense & Maintenance Tracking

Simplify expense reporting and maintenance management with ZERON's HR management tools. Automate tasks, track costs, and stay organised with a centralised platform, all seamlessly built into your best HRM software.
Zeron App

Effortless installation, seamless operation

Navigate your company to new heights of success


Choose Your Plan


Bronze Tier

  • Small businesses (Up to 50 employee)
  • Payroll & Attendance Management
  • Employee Database
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Leave & Shift Management
  • Basic Reporting

Silver Tier

  • Growing businesses (50-100 employees)
  • All features of Bronze Tier
  • Performance Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Advanced Reporting

Gold Tier

  • Mid-sized businesses (100-200 employees)
  • All features of Silver Tier
  • Client Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Premium Support


Your Partner in HR Success

User-friendly interface

No more HR software headaches.

Data security & reliability

Your data is safe and accessible with ZERON.


Grow with confidence, ZERON adapts to your needs.

Comprehensive features

All the HR essentials in one place.

Affordable pricing

Competitive plans for mid-sized businesses.

Expert support

A dedicated team to guide you every step of the way.

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